We Don’t Break Bricks in BJJ


The other night I was watching a documentary on China.  In due course they got to Kung Fu as expected.  You can’t have a documentary about China without including something of their martial arts.  They talked about its spiritual aspects and its history.  They showed the monks doing some kata.  It was all so beautiful, flowing, and acrobatic.  During the demonstration I just kept thinking, “that is wonderful ballet and I don’t see how it would help against someone that knows BJJ that got in close and did a takedown”.  We all saw it in the Gracie In Action 2 DVD when Royce Gracie took out a non-MMA Kung Fu expert. Towards the end they had a monk channel chi and break a brick.  That was kind of the final straw for me.  I realized they were trying to show how tough they were but I kept thinking why?  Bricks don’t fight back.  We don’t break bricks in BJJ because its useless in practical situations.  I’d rather practice breaking arms.  Notice in the background of the picture the women’s face.  I’ve seen that same face but it was usually in the audience of a MMA fight where some one wouldn’t tap.

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