Human Weapon: Hand-to-Hand Military Combat and BJJ

Rear-Naked-Choke-Human-WeaponThe other night I watched Human Weapon – Hand to Hand Military Combat.  Of course I was interested in how BJJ played a part in it.  There were two episodes on it.  The first was the Israeli Krav Maga.  I found the burst block/punching very interesting and the Vale Tudo or “anything goes” attitude very similar to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  But when they showed the elite Israeli commandos sparing, I was like “what is this!”.  They were just hammering away at each others midsections.  Maybe it was a drill and the show misrepresented them.  Then Jason, the MMA fighter and host of the show, got to do some fighting with them.  He did some sweet take downs and seemed to be mopping the floor with them.  I didn’t see any ground fighting instruction.  I can’t believe this is a true representation of Krav Maga.  Israel has survived because they are real pitbulls in warfare. 

The next episode was the US Marines and their style called MCMAP (U.S. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).  Sure enough they had some BJJ.  They attributed the Rear Naked Choke to the Chinese though.  Maybe no one can have a claim on being the inventor of the rear naked choke but I’d say that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has refined and polished it.  In the end they had a free for all in which it looked like a bunch of white belts using nothing but muscle and no technique.  It took about 6 guys to get Jason and he was tapping out people left and right in the mean time.  In the end again I decided the show couldn’t have given a really good depiction of MCMAP.  Marines aren’t pansies.  I would have liked them to show more proficiency  on the techniques though.

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