Signed Belt Certificate Promotion Recognition for Money

ribeiro-jiu-jitsu-certificateSome time ago I blogged about Under the Table Belt Promotions in BJJ.  There were some strong opinions on if you should receive a certificate or something documenting your promotion or not.

I received this e-mail today from Jiu-Jitsu University: “Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu Belt Rank Certificate.  Personally signed by Saulo and Xande Ribeiro!  Includes your name and belt rank!  Recognize your belt rank officially with this frame ready, professional certificate.  Perfect to hang in the house or office!!”.  The price for the “celebrity” signatures is $50.  It didn’t say exactly but I can’t imagine anyone can get it.  I assume you must have some documented or proof that you attained a belt under Saulo and Xande Ribeiro school.  I would hope that the $50 isn’t above and beyond a testing fee but I think it is.  What this comes down to is making money off of testing.  I don’t know about you but this bothers me as much as getting no documentation and relying on word of mouth for substantiating your claim to a certain school and your promotions in it.  I think I remember a survey being done on The FightWorks PodCast that said the average monthly cost for BJJ classes was $100.  Why can’t they then provide a certificate like this and testing for a modest fee especially in these economic times? Sadly I think it is because the bigger the school and the more notoriety it has the more it’s a business and less like the small family feeling schools.

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  1. Ugh. Don’t pay! Skip the certificate (imho). If you roll like a whateverbelt from a Ribeiro school, then no need for the certificate. If you don’t roll like a whateverbelt, then what will you do– whip out a piece of paper?

    If you switch schools, no one will ask for your certificate. They’ll just watch you roll. It’s amazing to me but yes, they’ll be able to tell if you earned your belt or not. And no amount of woodpulp will convince anyone of anything different. If you don’t roll like a whateverbelt, the certificate will not help.

    1. I won’t be paying. In the end I’m still of the opinion, if I pay you give me documentation and if I don’t then I’m happy relying on word of mouth. There are abuses or short coming in either way but I guess that is our nature.

  2. Paying for gradings is just plain wrong in my opinion. If you have big gatherings every now and again and there is an accompanying seminar then fair enough, pay for the event, but your rank should never depend on attendance of that event. BJJ community here in the UK is still small and such overtly commercial aspects to the sport are still rare here.

    Stick to your beliefs bro.

  3. Yes you can prove yourself on the mat but what if injury takes place how would you prove yourself then?

  4. I’ve bounced from 3 different schools in 7 years because of the money issues and moving and after a while I got bored of the “system” style and wanted to develop my own style. I’ve earn a purple belt from a brown belt at my last school and pretty much people down played me for it because I have no documentation, plus I got my purple belt from a brown belt and was told it wasn’t legit until they rolled with me and their opinions changed about what is my “belt level.” I didn’t get into BJJ for belt levels; I got into it so I can workout after work for at least 3-4 days a week. I am not really into competing; I just enjoy learning and breaking a sweat at open mat so I don’t put on anymore weight.

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