Increasing Your Lung Capacity and Breathing for Better BJJ


Your ability to breath in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes all the difference.  I know that when I cannot get enough oxygen I start feeling that claustrophobic feeling.  You know what I’m talking about.  You have been rolling for a while and you are breathing heavy.  The next thing you know you are on the bottom in North South  or some other position. Your face is covered or some big dude sitting on your stomach.  For those of us who cannot escape quick enough extra lung capacity sure comes in handy.  I have been thinking about how to expand or increase my lung capacity and I thought I would share my finding on my blog.

If anyone can get a huge lung full of air its got to be a Free Diver.  That is where I started by search.  I learned about breathing resistance exercisers.  They are simple devices that create resistance for you to breath against.  Swimming does this too.  Its like lifting weights for your lungs.  It helps increase your lung capacity as you flex those lungs. 

I had once seen a video with Rickson Gracie doing some Yoga.  He did some amazing things with his stomach in that video so I looked to Yoga next.  Can you think of a better exercise system that involves contortion and breathing?  I found a excellent article at – “Breath Control” about Yoga and how studies have been done at the University of California.  It not only increases your flexibility and endurance but lung capacity also.   Maybe I will even look into Stephen’s DVD “Yoga for Martial Arts DVD by Stephan Kesting”. But for now the wife has a good number of Yoga videos and it might be easier to start there.

I will record on my blog how it goes and what it does for me.  Stay tuned for updates.

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