3 Things To Do In Winter To Keep Your BJJ Progressing

Its winter, cold, slick, and miserable outside.  The inversion has made the air quality poor.  You miss your activities you did outside last summer that helped you keep in shape and aided you in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  You do not want to fall behind or lose what you have worked so hard for but what can you do in the winter beside going to the gym?  Here are some ideas that I hope will help.

  1. Get or make a grappling dummy.
    • As you know I love my grappling dummy.  It never complains.  It is always willing to train.  Its gives me a good work out just rolling with it.
    • So what if you do not have the cash to buy one?  DIY and make one from scratch.  Here is one example: How To build a grappling dummy.  It is a 4 part post by a friend of mine, Ben Olas.
  2. Work on increasing your lung capacity.
  3. Create drills that can be practiced at home. 

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