Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Simple Body Mechanics – Hips 1

Cross Choke from Mount – Pedro Sauer

The other day in class we were working on a cross choke from mount.  The exact technique is shown in this video by Pedro Saurer.  We were working from a position in between what Roger Gracie is showing in the below video and what Pedro Saurer is showing.  It was almost more an S-Mount.

Cross Choke from Mount – Roger Gracie

Both videos give instruction on how to avoid the reversal.  Neither show the concept I want to point out for my Simple Body Mechanics on Hips.  I am a blue belt at present and would never presume to tell two world class black belts what is better technique.  I only want to illustrate at my level what feels best for me.  I will explain how the hips play into it at the end.  First of all I feel like doing the side mount Pedro uses would lose me my position.  It is more advance technique then I have mastered.  I like how Roger Gracie is in mount with his feet cupped on the hips.  You see him finish in competition with this technique.  It has what Pedro points out in his video a good opening for reversal.  I learned in class that if you are being reversed with your hands in the choke all you need do is cross you feet in guard style behind his hips and press them to you below yours.  The end result is the sweep or escape that was going to be a reversal stalls with you both on your side and the guy who was on bottom is now paralyzed and unable to move. You simply finish the choke.  How is he unable to sit up in guard you are wondering?  I was too.  As I went over it in my mind I realized you have to get your knees under you to sit up in guard.  To do that you must bend at a 90 degree angle at the hips.  We always hear about controlling the hips.  The Simple Body Mechanics of the hips is you have to bend to sit up.  If you cannot bend you cannot sit up.

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How Do You Toughen Skin to Stop Getting Skinned Toes


I skinned by toes at Jiu-Jitsu last night.  The picture says it all.  How do I toughen up the skin to stop it from happening?  I got a smaller one on my other foot a month ago.  I did not do anything with it and when the scab fell off the skin around it was leathery and has not sustained any damage since.  But I do not want to be reactive.  I want to be proactive and toughen the skin up especially on my toes before it happens.  As you know feet are sensitive and I would rather not have to deal with sores on them all the time.  I guess I could just tape them but I would rather build up a callus or get the skin tough.  I do not want to have to remember to put the tape on before rolling.  I have noticed with other cuts that when I used hydrogen peroxide a tough pseudo type of callus is formed by the skin it kills around the cut.  I am going to try that this time.

I have looked at other posts.  Here are some of the ideas they give:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Liquid Bandage like New-Skin.
  3. Vinegar.
  4. Going bare foot or wearing flip flops all the time to dry out and expose your feet to ware.
  5. Wear socks

Please share with me anything you do that helps build up the skin on you feet.  I would like to hear that there is a better solution then just suffering the pain of slowly building calluses by skinning every inch of my feet.

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