How Do You Toughen Skin to Stop Getting Skinned Toes


I skinned by toes at Jiu-Jitsu last night.  The picture says it all.  How do I toughen up the skin to stop it from happening?  I got a smaller one on my other foot a month ago.  I did not do anything with it and when the scab fell off the skin around it was leathery and has not sustained any damage since.  But I do not want to be reactive.  I want to be proactive and toughen the skin up especially on my toes before it happens.  As you know feet are sensitive and I would rather not have to deal with sores on them all the time.  I guess I could just tape them but I would rather build up a callus or get the skin tough.  I do not want to have to remember to put the tape on before rolling.  I have noticed with other cuts that when I used hydrogen peroxide a tough pseudo type of callus is formed by the skin it kills around the cut.  I am going to try that this time.

I have looked at other posts.  Here are some of the ideas they give:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Liquid Bandage like New-Skin.
  3. Vinegar.
  4. Going bare foot or wearing flip flops all the time to dry out and expose your feet to ware.
  5. Wear socks

Please share with me anything you do that helps build up the skin on you feet.  I would like to hear that there is a better solution then just suffering the pain of slowly building calluses by skinning every inch of my feet.

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