Relson, Renzo, and Rener Gracie Interviews

I like listening to BJJ podcasts when I’m traveling or waiting around.  I have a ample supply ready to go at all times on my iPhone. is my favorite place for BJJ podcast radio.  I just finished #189 (Relson Starts the Controversy), #190 (Renzo’s rebuttal), and #191 (Rener’s follow up to the Renzo’s rebuttal).  I have to say that when all was said I think they each had some valid points and flaws.  Some of the things that bothered me where Relson’s insistence on not having butterfly and spider guard.  He wanted to stick with what he was taught and it was pure in his opinion.  I think BJJ evolves.  Isn’t that what made it great?  Helio and Rolls, from my understanding in the 3 interviews, took traditional Jiu-Jitsu and made it into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  There is a distinction for a reason.  If Relson doesn’t want change that is a warning signal to me.  Another interesting note was that stalling in tournaments is because Relson feels the rules are wrong.  They allow for it.  But Rener seemed to be saying that Helio survived because he waited out his opponent and conserved his energy for the key time to attack.  Relson created tournament rules that don’t allow for stalling.  Renzo accused him of doing it so his "kids" could win.  Renzo also was more then willing to fight it out and put his money where his mouth is.  Val Tudo!  Hahaha, those were the days.  But no one wants to see infighting between the Gracies.  I don’t think it will ever come to that.  Just some family squabbles as it gets bigger with each generation.  In time I wonder if they will be to large for it to be a "family business".  This is my opinion from what I listened to.  Please share yours with me.