Reevo “Kimura” Gi Review asked me to do a gi review on the Reevo "Kimura" Gi.  Here is my review:






The Reevo “Kimura” Gi reminds me a lot of my Atama Mundial #5.  It is very thick and has some weight to it.  I knew right off I would want to use it for a winter gi.  One of the things that first caught my attention was the built in rash guard.  It is the black patch shown in the picture inside the gi.  I wear a rash guard and I wondered if this would be a good substitute.  I noticed that my rash guard gets its most wear on the back.  After working with this gi I do not think it takes the place of a rash guard but it extends the life of the one you have.  I was a little apprehensive about the fact the gi was made in Pakistan.  But after working with it I found it was well made and didn’t start to lose patches or have trouble with the first few rolls and washing like other gis I have had.  One big plus was it came with two pair of pants.  I thought that an extra special deal for the price.  The collar was a little stiff at first but after some use it formed better around my neck.  Overall I think this is an excellent starter gi.  It is not too pricey.  It gives you a feel for what you like and do not like about gis and it is going to last you a good long time.  I can say I would recommend picking one up from during the holidays while they have deals on.



  1. Built in rash guard extends life of your rash guard.
  2. Two pair of pants for the price.
  3. Economic price.
  4. Sturdy construction and stitching.
  5. Excellent starter gi.
  6. Good winter gi.


  1. Needs some wearing in to be completely comfortable.
  2. Not made in the USA.
  3. Not a summer gi.

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Review of the Vulkan Pro Light Gi


Its summer and its hotter then Hades here in Utah.  I don’t train in an optimally controlled environment.  I needed something lighter then my heavy Atama Mundial.  My Koral MKM was more a medium weight but not light enough.  I decided to try a Vulkan Pro Light.  I had heard good things about Vulkan from a couple of the other guys who wear them.  I ordered my black, A3, Vulkan Pro Light gi from  It came promptly and without hitches.

Here are some of my thoughts about it:

PROS: The first thing I noticed about it was the fit.  My other gis are reasonably good fits but the Vulkan Pro Light A3 was a superb fit.  I am 6’2" and a average weight of 214lb.

It didn’t have a seam across my back.  I do a lot of pivoting on my back and I don’t like a seam in the middle of it.

The waist cord didn’t bind up when tightened.  With my other gis I tend to have one short and one long after a while.  I then have to work it around until they are equal length again.  Its a real pain.  It seems a small thing but they can build up over time.

The patches have stayed on.  With my Koral MKM I had to re-sew a patch after only a month.

It line dries quicker then my heavier gis.  It will dry in half the time as my other gis when I hang it out.  It is pre-shrunk but I still don’t throw it in the drier for fear it might still shrink some and I like the fit just how it is.

CONS: Black is a horrible color for rolling in.  Every spec of dirt, hair, dust, etc. shows up on me.  I look like and feel like a giant lint brush after rolling.

Despite it being pre-shrunk it was still dripping gray water while being hung out to dry.  The dye was not totally set I guess or maybe this is to be expected.  What ever the case if you set it to drip dry make sure what it drips on doesn’t matter.

I noticed signs of color fading already.  It is to be expected with the wear and tear it gets but I’m very careful to wash it according to the instructions.  I haven’t had it for more then a month yet.  I would expect it to hold its color a little better then that.

Summary: I love it.  It has become my favorite gi.  I haven’t used my Atama Mundial since getting it and won’t until winter.  I highly recommend the Vulkan Pro Light to anyone suffering in the heat or who just wants to try a good quality gi.

For a more in depth review of the Vulkan Pro Light you might try Meerkatsu’s Review.  Seymour always goes all out and does stunning reviews on gis.

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4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Gi


When you started out in Jiu-Jitsu you most likely got a starter gi.  It didn’t cost much and it was a beginning point.  Now you have been doing BJJ for a year or more and have picked up one or two more expensive gis.  These cost you in the neighborhood of $100 to $250.  Its a little bit more of a investment in the art and sport you love.  Then one day you notice your gi is starting to show signs of deterioration.  AAAAHHHH!  What can I do to get the most wear out of my gi for the money I paid.  Here are a few tips I’ve come up with.  Please feel free to comment on the post and share your own.

  1. Stitch up loose ends.  Like in the picture, I stitched up the one on the left.  The red tie is a example of a good quality gi that comes with it already done.
  2. Don’t bleach.  Bleach is just acid after all.  It breaks down the fibers of your gi faster.  Try something else to whiten your gi that won’t destroy it.
  3. Drip dry.  I don’t throw my gi in the dryer.  Not just because it will shrink it over time but because it is stiff and the tumbling action creates friction which causes more wear and tear.
  4. Rotate gis.  Buy 2 or more and rotate wearing them.  Share the love.

I hope you find these things that I do useful.  Share your gi-saver tips with me.

Jiu-Jitsu is Life and Life is Jiu-Jitsu

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How To Pick Your First Gi or Kimono

A while ago I posted Top 10 Gi or Kimono Rankings.  I have to say my rankings were based on empirical data from the three gis I owned and what I had observed as the most valued by those around me and in videos.  Since then I have found a much more scientific approach at  He posted  Ranking Gis from Best to Worst.  The data is based off of a far larger sample size of readers to his blog.  Oh and his comes with cool graphs!  I have done some gi reviews.  They are:

  1. Koral MKM vs  HSU Kodokan
  2. Atama Mundial #5 vs Koral MKM

But neither of my reviews compares to the one done by Meerkatsu entitled "Great British Gi Review".  I know they are British makers.  I know we are all not in Britain.  But the quality of the review is a standard to look for in other reviews.  Lets not forget the ladies when we talk about reviews for gis.  If you want superb gi reviews for women check out Georgette’s World.  She did one not so long ago entitled Women’s Gi Review: Fenom Gi, A1.

So you are out shopping for your first gi and you don’t want to put down your hard won cash for trash.  These links should help you start figuring out what you want and why.

Where Do You Wear Your Gi?

When I first started BJJ I of course noticed some of the more flamboyant kimonos right off.  I noticed that some of those wearing them came walking into the school with them on.  I was surprised to find out that they wore them in public.  I thought for my personality that was way to flashy.  I wouldn’t want to call attention to myself in a white one let alone brightly colored gi.  But as time went on I got a Urban Camo Koral MKM and later a red Atama Mundial #5.  One night my wife called me and asked me to pick up something from the grocery store on the way home from class.  At first I thought "no way" but then I felt that Jiu-Jitsu confidence come over me and pride in what I practice.  So in I went in my Koral.  I got looks and stares.  Some people avoided eye contact with me.  I even got a complement from the check out girl.  She said she liked my jacket.  I said "thank you" and explained it wasn’t jacket but a gi.  Now if on my way to or from class I need to stop and get something in my gi I am not shy at all.  What next?  Family functions?  Who knows!  Some one needs to start selling clothing based off of the gi.  You could market it as fight wear for those who love the gi.

So where do you wear your gi or kimono?