Wicked Wednesday and Passing the Guard

Guard Pass To Cross Body
Guard Pass with Gi Wrap

Do to family I can’t go on Monday any more, so in place of “Magic Monday”, its going to be “Wicked Wednesday”.  For all of you who didn’t want to brave the blowing snow, Rich went over guard passes.  The Guard-Pass-To-Cross-Body surprised me.  I realized Mark had used it on me a number of times to break my guard.  I either wasn’t there when he taught it or he hasn’t.  I really liked it because against Jeremy, who is larger them me by far, I was able to break his guard.  Unfortunately Rich didn’t teach us a counter to it.  I know what Mark was doing now but still don’t know how to stop him.

The second guard pass with the wrapping and trapping of the arm didn’t go so well for me.  If your opponent drops guard as you tripod or stink bug up you can’t pass the gi under.  That is what you want to happen anyway, dropping his guard,  but  it puts you in a strange position to then take advantage of it.  We also noticed that most of the gis did not have long lapels to work with.  I’m sure its by design.  I couldn’t reach around my larger training partner to effectively get it.

Jiu-Jitsu is Life and Life is Jiu-Jitsu

How To Get Underhooks from Guard

The same night I hurt my thigh I learned a sweet technique from one of our purple belts named Chris.  Now I’m not the best at describing techniques but here it goes.

You have your opponent in Guard.  You opponent is laying on you with underhooks.  You want to get underhooks on him. I place my palms in his eye sockets.  I push him back and quickly with my right arm loop or swim around his arm and place a fist between our chests.  I draw back in my left arm.  The fist gives some space to turn my left elbow into the space created by the fist and place it between us.  Then I can swivel my left arm and get the first underhook.  Now I release my hold with my right arm and swim in for the second underhook.   I have reversed the underhook.  Its all about createing and maintaining space so that you can maneuver your arms.

I’m going to get a tripod so I can mount my iPhone or Flip UltraHD Camcorder and start creating videos of these with my Submission Master Grappling Dummy.  I’m a visual person and don’t do as well with text descriptions.

Keep Rolling by Replacing your Guard After the Pass

Replacing the guard from Turtle isn’t a new subject to blog on.  Steve of SteveBJJ.com blogged not to long ago about it in his post Recovering Guard from Turtle.  Here is a video of me doing it from last nights class with Chris, one of your purple belts, and the one Steve used from YouTube.com

Replaceing Guard from Turtle after Pass


Replacing the Guard from Turtle Position

Ya, that’s me in the red Atama Mundial #5.  I have seen this a few times but never really got it into my head as to how to use it.  I mentally filed it under "next time you’re in turtle do this".  I don’t get in turtle much and had forgot about it.  But last night Miles, one of our best blue belts, pointed out that after I had my guard passed I should use this.  My video is from the point where you have passed your guard.  I quickly transition to turtle and from turtle I replace my guard.  My video is short and you have to pay attention to the first part to get what I’m saying.  After your opponent has passed your guard you shouldn’t sit still and let him get comfortable in side control.  Employing this technique keeps you moving and if you are lucky when you replace the guard you might even be in the position to Triangle.  It worked out that way for me a few times as I practiced it.