2010 Pan Am Second Hand

We had a student from West Side go to the 2010 Pan Am in the blue belt division.  I buy the "Best Fight" videos from Budovideos.com each year.  They are always educational.  But they aren’t the same as being there in person.  So it was nice to get to talk to someone who had gone for the first time face to face.  He brought back techniques that none of us had seen before.  At a tournament like the Pan Am you get to see the cutting edge of BJJ evolution.  He also had a very different experience compared to a local tournament.  It sounded to me like no mercy was shown.  Gabrielle Garcia was filling up the seats at the aid station as fast as they opened them up.  I understand she broke Penny Thomas’s arm.  I also understand the black belt competition is electrified.  The black belts don’t hold back.  Its one thing to see them on the videos but in person it is a whole different story.  For instance, they don’t tighten up a submission until you tap, they slam it on hard.  Then to top it all off the huge mass of practitioners cheering on their teams.  Its like the Super Bowl of BJJ.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be up to that caliber to compete in the Pan Am but I plan on attending a few times.  I hope next year to have the time to sit down and watch them streamed live on Budovideos.com.  I’m marking my calendar for next year right after this post.

I have had the worst writer’s block the last week.  I failed my New Years goal of writing 5 posts a week.  But I will still consider it a win if I improve from last year.

Jiu-Jitsu is Life and Life is Jiu-Jitsu

West Side Classic 2010 Kid’s Tournament

Today was the West Side Classic 2010 kid’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament.  Here are a few video clips I took of it.

Its amazing how many kids there were and how well behaved they were.  I didn’t see anyone acting out or causing trouble.  Maybe that was they because they were to busy dancing?  What!  Did you see the girl in the blue gi?  I think she was practicing a take down but it looked more like ballet.

The Gym is Full – JiuJitsuMap.com

These two did a great "Spin the Bottle" move or at least that is what I’m calling it.  Around and around we go where we stop no one knows.

Spin the Bottle – JiuJitsuMap.com

I couldn’t help but call this one the "Dance of Death".  They were really going at it.  While I watched I thought these two may go the the prom together some day.  They will dance different then but for right now the boy sure wants to seoi-naga her.

I couldn’t stay to watch it all but everyone seemed to be having fun.  I saw a few tears from losers but they were quickly consoled by their coaches.  Next year I think it may even be bigger then before.  This is the only kid’s tournament that I know of in Utah.