Lung Capacity and Breathing Training Mask for BJJ


In June 2012 I wrote a post entitled “Increasing Your Lung Capacity and Breathing for Better BJJ”  I talked about Freediving methods that are used to increase lung capacity and breathing patterns.  I showed a small training device I was using called a Ultrabreathe Compact Breathing Exerciser.  The other day at BJJ class I saw one of the guy wearing a High Altitude Training Mask (a.k.a. Elevation Training Mask) as shown in the picture.  I was fascinated when I realized the advantages of the design over what I was using.  Here is a comparison:

  1. The mask can be warn during a work out to increase effectiveness of its resistance.
  2. The mask stays on your face and you do not get a tired jaw like I did with the Ultrabreathe.
  3. The masks breathing settings do not change.  My Ultrabreathe has a dial and can easily be bumped or changed.  I am constantly have to adjust it to where I need it.
  4. One down side to the mask.  It is twice as expensive as the Ultrabreathe.
  5. The mask comes in different colors and has replaceable valves.
  6. It looks as easy to clean as the rest of my BJJ gear.

I think I am going to have to get one and then write a review on it.  If you have had any experience with them please let me know your findings.

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