Body Bugg – What they don’t tell you

Don’t get me wrong.  The bio feed back I have gotten from my Body Bugg has made all the difference in my weight loss.  Its the forced reliance on their website that ticks me off.  I bought the watch too thinking that I would use that after my introductory subscription ended to the website.  At lest then my $350 investment would still be useful and not sitting in a drawer collecting dust.  After my subscription ended I continued to use my Body Bugg just like I’d planned.  I was happy.  After a while I didn’t need to be “Bugged” any more.  I had a good idea what I was eating and how many calories I was burning.  I stopped wearing it.  Time passed and I got slothful.  I noticed I had gained weight and I decided to start using my Bugg again.  But after adding new batteries it wouldn’t synchronize with my watch.  Come to find out when its batteries had died its memory was erased.  I had to sign up for a subscription to get it configured again for use!  I was ticked but once again, paying $9 for one a month subscription was cheaper then buying some other unknown system and finding out its gotchas later.  I’m still “Bugged” and doing great.

Body Bugg to the Rescue

I’m late getting this out I know.  I said I would let my millions of readers know how Body Bugg helped me over the 2008 holidays.  The good news is I lost 2 pounds and I had a good time eating.  I think the key was I was more active over the holidays and I was able to keep a true eye on my activity and calorie in take.  I’ve go to the point now where I don’t need my Body Bugg.  I have a pretty good idea how much I consume and burn now in my daily routine.

I’m Bugged – My experience with the Bodybugg by Apex

I decided it was time to lose some weight. My wife was doing great. She was just about back to her weight when we were first married. I on the other hand was far from it. I decided I wanted to slim down too. The trouble was I don’t like doing aerobics and I don’t get out much. Its true I’m a computer geek. Hey! Its my job! A fellow co-work had recently got the Bodybugg and had lost 4 pounds a week for 2 weeks straight.  His life style was far more active then mine but what he told me about the Bodybugg was enough to interest me.  After searching high and low for coupon I could find none.  The watch and the armband were $350 on  I found them for $50 cheaper at  I decided it would be a good idea to get the watch because the web site you use with the armband is subscription based.  Yes!  You get 3 months free and then they want you to pay something like $45 a month after that to use it.  Without the watch the armband is useless if you don’t want to pay the subscription fee.  I bit the bullet and paid the $300.  I figured if it will help me to live healthy now the $300 investment will save me thousands in the future on medical bills.  My Bodybugg arrived and my life changed.  It wasn’t to hard to set up and there was a free coaching session to help me get started logging my calories and understanding the website.  I have had it for 1 month now and lost 9 poundsI always throught I didn’t have the will power to diet.  The truth was I didn’t have the feedback I needed to diet.  Once I could truly see how many calories I was consuming and burning I really could take control.  I’m not saying it was a breeze.  I haven’t changed my activity and I have changed my eating habits.  I don’t eat as much now.  I have never gone hungry for more then a day in my life.  The first two weeks were the hardest.  I felt hungry day and night.  Because I choose not to increase my activity the only other way to lose weight was to cut back on what I was eating.  I did.  It was eye opening.  Over all I love my Bodybugg.  I’ll continue to use it with the watch longer after the subscription expires.  My goal is to reach the weight I’ve set for myself by the new year.  Tune it to see if I make it through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.