Diversify Your Jiu Jitsu Arsenal with Leg Locks

Sambo Leg Lock or Calf Cutter

I could be wrong but I bet everyone watches Submissions101.com videos.  They are well done and free on YouTube.com.  I stumbled upon the "Sambo" Leg Lock while researching leg locks.  My instructor, Mark, talked some time ago in class about attacking at different levels.  If you are in mount and can’t get a choke or arm bar then you should focus else where.  Switch up your attack.  Hit different areas.  In order to do that you need to diversify your arsenal.  Leg Locks are a important lower body attack or submission.  They are more difficult in my opinion to master.  But if you do, think of the expanded possibilities during a roll.  If nothing is going on up top attack the bottom.  This "Sambo" Leg Lock looks really great.  I can’t wait to try it out.  I thing you could do it easily from grape vines.  If you don’t succeed then it has a fail over of the calf cutter.  Its like a plan "B".  The truth be told, with the injury to my knee last year, if I was caught in this I’d tap before the calf cutter.  I can also see some one heavier then me sitting on my hip and making it impossible to roll into the calf cutter.  Tell me if you try it and what your experience was like.