How To Do The Double Leg Flare or Cut-Corner Take Down

This is a continuation from my post 6 Steps of The Shot or Take Down from the Take Down Seminar at West Side Jiu Jitsu.  I posted the Hook Leg Take Down as one of the other finishing moves Clint showed us.  The other one was the Flare or Cut-Corner take down.  It was a little more difficult of the the two double leg take downs.  It involves changing your direction of attack.  In the Hook Leg take down you just keep driving forward.  With the Flare or  Cut-Corner take down you change direction half way through.  It also reminds me of the BJJ technique called Baiana.  If you combined a shot with a Baiana you would get the Flare or Cut-Corner in my opinion.  I had a hard time pushing off of my posting leg to do this technique.  I think part of it was in learning I wasn’t doing it full strength.  I needed to have the target off balance for it to work properly.  I apologize for how shaky the video is. After working out for a while and being slammed to the mat a few times it was hard keeping it still.

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