5 Things I Learned At BJJ Tonight

  1. A bicep cutter exerts so much pressure it leaves blood blisters.  They look a lot like your shoulder after having a shotgun kick into it.  Because the pressure was on my bicep and forearm I have a matching set.
  2. My finger tips are toughing up.  Around my finger nails it used to be sore from gripping the gi after class.  Now I’ve developed calluses that have helped them toughen.  They are still a little sore after but not near as much after class.
  3. I’ve forgotten the guillotine escape from in guard.  I had both legs of a white belt named Ethan in class today.  I was getting ready to inch my way up to cross body or mount.  The next thing I knew he had me in a guillotine.  I was so surprised I let go of his legs and he put in his guard.  I got my arm over his should for the escape but couldn’t remember the rest from there.  Yes, I tapped.  I’m not proud of it but that’s what I get.  I know the technique I’m going to practice at home this week.
  4. My breathing technique has improved.  I’ve been focusing on getting more oxygen during periods of inactive during a roll.  It feels good to have more oxygen during a roll.  Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, fill those lungs, and repeat.
  5. I’ve been coasting.  Its so easy to coast.  The next thing you know your lead shrinks and all the sudden you realize the pack is over taking you or is passing you.

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The Secret to the Inescapable Guillotine

Last night I trained with the big boys.  I got creamed in every roll but man did I pick up some good stuff.  We trained on Guillotine technique.  Of all the training last night the thing that stuck out the most was how to keep some one from escaping the Guillotine.  Here are some pictures I took using my Submission Master Grappling Dummy (explanation below):




Notice how I am not using the blade of my choking arm on the neck.  This is because I will need my palm up in order to put my arm over the shoulder.   I am going to rely on the tremendous pressure I create when I sit back into a open guard to really apply the Guillotine Choke. 

If he hasn’t tapped yet I then fall back into open guard and put one foot on the dummies hip and create a wrenching motion while escaping my hips.  This is done by bring the choking elbow down and swinging it in towards the dummy.  It is kind of a “J” motion.  At the same time I push on the hip to add force.  In practice this made my neck crackle.  It is very powerful.

As you have noticed the real trick is to get that arm over the shoulder before he lifts his arm  over yours to start a escape.  With his arm blocked under yours its all but over.  The secret to the inescapable guillotine.

If you have any questions please post a comment and I will answer them as best I can.