Reevo “Kimura” Gi Review asked me to do a gi review on the Reevo "Kimura" Gi.  Here is my review:






The Reevo “Kimura” Gi reminds me a lot of my Atama Mundial #5.  It is very thick and has some weight to it.  I knew right off I would want to use it for a winter gi.  One of the things that first caught my attention was the built in rash guard.  It is the black patch shown in the picture inside the gi.  I wear a rash guard and I wondered if this would be a good substitute.  I noticed that my rash guard gets its most wear on the back.  After working with this gi I do not think it takes the place of a rash guard but it extends the life of the one you have.  I was a little apprehensive about the fact the gi was made in Pakistan.  But after working with it I found it was well made and didn’t start to lose patches or have trouble with the first few rolls and washing like other gis I have had.  One big plus was it came with two pair of pants.  I thought that an extra special deal for the price.  The collar was a little stiff at first but after some use it formed better around my neck.  Overall I think this is an excellent starter gi.  It is not too pricey.  It gives you a feel for what you like and do not like about gis and it is going to last you a good long time.  I can say I would recommend picking one up from during the holidays while they have deals on.



  1. Built in rash guard extends life of your rash guard.
  2. Two pair of pants for the price.
  3. Economic price.
  4. Sturdy construction and stitching.
  5. Excellent starter gi.
  6. Good winter gi.


  1. Needs some wearing in to be completely comfortable.
  2. Not made in the USA.
  3. Not a summer gi.

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