Stopping The In Guard Stall Of Laying On The Chest.

I have noticed that sometimes when people are tired and in guard they will stall by laying on the chest of their opponent.  I’ve had this happen a few times.  They hug your chest and don’t give you much to work with.  A friend who was doing it to me, he weighs 65lbs. more then me, gave me a technique to help pry them off or reposition them.  Placing the palms of your hand in there eye sockets is legal in competition.  You push their head back with your palms in the eyes.  This exposes the throat to put a forearm in.  I was surprised at how easy this technique is to execute and how effective.  You can pry the largest opponent off your chest.  Now if you were in a street fight you wouldn’t use your palms but you get the idea.  I found that my opponents resisted as I pushed them up.  This worked to my advantage.  As they realized they couldn’t resist any longer they decided to posture up.  This left a few key seconds where they left themselves open.  I could change to a spider sweep, scissor sweep, or another technique that required some set up with a leg across the belly.  I think after I have used this a few times the opening I’m seeing will vanish.  But for now it seems to surprise my opponents and they pause between deciding to continue fighting to stay down or posture up.

I would like to hear from anyone else who tries this technique.